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Ian Iwane, ADA 120cm, January 2007

We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and invite them to write a review of our products and services.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJason of Connecticut     

Superb service!!
Best customer service I have ever experienced. Product exceeded my expectations just like the customer service. I will be a return customer!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveGabriel Basso of Curitiba / Brazil     

Great product and superb customer service!
I had a terrible delay due to Brazilian Post Office and it took a while to arrive. But Julia had been present and helped a lot during the hole process. In the end, after the package arrived my feelings about this is that I definitely would buy again from Aquarium Fertilizer and recommend to everyone. The product is great by itself, but the customer service made all the difference! 

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveBernat of Gandia, Valencia / Spain     

Good dry trace fertilizers are hard to find here where I live and the liquid alternatives are very expensive and inconvenient for large tanks. Or so it was before I found you. Nutritrace CSM+B and the Fe compounds are very good and inexpensive. I was reluctant to order from overseas but when customer service is so great distance isn't a problem. Julia has been very helpful whenever needed.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveTim of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada     

Great Service
You set the bar for what professionalism is. My order was fast, accurate, packaged well and a great price. I will definitely order from and recommend you in the future. Thank you.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMichael of Keswick, Ontario, Canada     

You guys are awesome!
Received my order today (Wednesday) after only ordering it on Friday at 7:30pm! Was surprised and excited to see it shipping over the weekend even, and was here in technically 3 business days! Blazing speed from California to Ontario, Canada.  Everything came as expected and was very neatly and safely packed as well. If only I had remembered to add some iron to my initial order, my mistake though. Looking forward to some nice plant growth now! Thanks for the great service guys, I will definitely do business again!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveTim Bonney of Gunnison, Colorado     

Online Pleasure
This outfit is professional, courteous and helpful.  Their rates are fair, goods arrive fast and their products top shelf.  Anyone using EI or other botany projects  can rely on this site without worry.  Julie is terrific.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveLiza of British Columbia, Canada     

I received my fertilizers within 5 business days, which is great considering I live in a very small town in another country!  Really fast service, great prices and I would certainly recommend.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveSlava of Russian Federation     

Good for you! 14 Feb 2014
I've used your service twice. You were quick and punctual in both times.Thank you very much for your business. I wish success to your ice hockey team in Russian Winter Olympic Games-2014!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveSteve Hung of Mozambique     

Africa is not for sissies
Great service. They will not forget you even if you forget them. My first shipment never came and when I informed them they didn't hesitate to send a second one which finally arrived.... They say patience is a virtue. It took me 4 months to get it into Mozamibuqe. Would recommend P.A.F to anyone

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChas. of PA.  USA     

  I just want to Thank P.A.F. for whisking my order straight out to me & it was in My HANDS in 2 DAYS> IN MY HANDS> Approx my 3rd order & ALWAYS FAST/Curteous,and Prompt> Qualkity 5 Star Service > Thanks Much P.A.F.! Chas

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMonica Prieto of Sarasota     

Loves Her Plants
I've ordered from Planted Aquarium Fertilizer multiple times and have had no issues with delivery. The fertilizers are excellent and do a great job. My plants definitely seem to love them, so much that I need to buy more as I was underfeeding them and am increasing my dosages. Grin. For everyone who has a planted tank, you can feel confidence in this vendor despite people who post otherwise.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveSlava of Russian Federation     

Excellent goods
Thank you very much for your goods. Your delivery is fast and your package is enough safe and accurate for powders. It seems funny, but I can't order in Russia some chemicals in small doses for my planted tanks.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveRyan O. of Celina, OH     

macro micro nutrient mix A+++
First off I would like to say thank you for quick delivery. I ordered the macro micro nutrient mix, and it arrived 2 days later.  I followed the directions, and just started with dosing 2ml in my 55 gallon tank, and in just these few days my plants have perked up, and reaching for the light. My Water sprite has even started to pearl. Over all I think this is a great product, and the service great. I recommend this product to anyone with a planted tank. Thank you

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMittttal of Bay Area, CA     

unbelievably fast shipping and great value
Super fast shipping and awesome results. THANKS aquariumfertilizer!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAgardino of Puerto Rico     

I was surprised as to how fast my order was shipped. Really appreciate the capacity to track the order. offers a lot of value and will definitely will come back to shop. Thanks...

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveP??ter B??la of Europe/Romania     

Fe Gluconate
First of all this is a great product. I've tried Fe EDTA, DTPA and micro mixes but neither works for my tap water. This kind of Fe appears to be usable to the plants.
The people who manage this website are very kind, they have a fast shipping service. I ordered 5 bags of Fe Gluconate and received one more bonus bag without knowing anything.
Thank you very much.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMatthew Pence of JACKSONVILLE     

Wow!  This is the start of a beautiful relationship
Quick shipping, great communication, very reasonable prices, and a very straightforward professional appearance give this retailer everything they need to be successful.  I just placed and received my first order with them.  I promise, this will not be the last.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChris of Buffalo, NY     

Great Product
A friend of mine gave me a small sample of the Macro / Micro mix, the stuff works great. I have seen an increase in growth in most plants after using for a week. I ordered my own lb, and it arrived within 2 days!!! Only thing I recommend is to mix is smaller batches than the 1/4:2cup ratio, because if you don't use it fast enough it develops mold (based on my friends experience). I give this product 5 stars, especially for people like me that want a simple, easy to use product

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChuck Bledsoe of Marquette Heights Ill     

The shipping was LIGHTNING fast! I ordered Thursday Night (Feb.28) And Got the package Today! (March 4) Was able to dose the tank very soon after arrival as I believe some of my plants need it! Now I am just waiting on the results! Thank YOU!!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveStuart of Halifax, NS / Canada     

Great Customer Support
My order of CSM+B arrived and I found the package had been mangled by the postal workers. As a result, I lost about 1/3 lb from my order. I informed AquariumFerilizer and by the next time I checked my e-mail (30 mins?) I had a reply apologizing for the careless handling and mentioning that they were shipping me an extra 1 lb to replace that which was lost. Great service, I'm extremely satisfied, will order from them in the future and highly recommend them to you.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveRick of Pittsburgh, PA/USA     

Great service! I ordered the wrong item, sent Julia an email and the order was corrected and shipped the next day.  The items arrived quickly and were packaged well.  Very happy with the service and savings!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveTerra of Point Pleasant, WV     

Ridiculously fast
I ordered ferts on Dec 30th at night, had them at my door on Jan 3rd. Realized I forgot to order something and placed an order again today... and had a tracking number for it an hour later. Nicely packaged, labelled, in resealable bags. Enough quantity to last me half a lifetime on my small tanks. Thanks a bunch!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAndrius Stankevicius of Lake Zurich, IL/United States     

Outstanding!!!!May this website/owner live forever
Simply outstanding service. Purchased Phosphates,Nitrates, Potassium, CSM+B  right before Christmas and it arrived on Saturday before Christmas. Great job on shipping it fast and making the customer/fish/plants happy. Packaging exceeded my expectations, nicely packed, taped and also labeled with nice colorful label. A++++++++++

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJonathan Crunelle of Lewis Center, OH     

Best Customer Service Ever!
Julia offers a geat product and even better customer service! A+

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJohn B. of North East PA, USA     

The Best in the Business
I have been keeping aquarium plants for many years now. In that time I have ordered ferts from many places. I keep coming back to for their fast shipping and superior  customer service, which to me, is the most important thing.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensivePaul Aguiar of Long Beach, CA     

I have been buying ferts from these folks for about 3 years. I always get what I order, fast and complete.
There are none better!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAditya Bhat of New Delhi/ India     

Superb Service
Hi. I had ordered my set of fertilizers from AF on 17th of September. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my shipment on 25th. Thats FAST!!.. Also their rates are pretty good and im saving so much by going with  dry ferts. i highly recommend them to all planted tank enthusiasts.
Cheers and keep up the good work!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDom Brana of Beautiful downtown Hackensack, NJ USA     

The best.
These are the only ferts we use in our tanks @

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveRajeev of India     

I just loved this site . I have received my ferts within 14 days from the date of purchase.I recommend this site to all planted aquarium lovers...Good Work.. Aquarium Fertilizers.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMike of Denver, Colorado USA     

The Best supplier of dry aquatic fertilizers
This is my 2nd time ordering from this site, and once again I am 100% satisfied with my order. I absolutely love your prices for dry ferts, especially the shipping cost saves me SO much money!!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMike of Denver, CO. USA     

Fast shipping
Wow, placed my order on Wednesday and just received it today. Great fast and friendly service, this is now my #1 source for dry ferts for my planted tanks.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDave of Minneapolis, MN     

Fast shipping and a good product.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveRichard of Plymouth MN. USA     

Stuff works great!
I ordered the Macro Micro Nutrient Mix and WOW........ my 55 gallon tank is a jungle now. First time using Fertilizer and now I will always use it.

I want a bigger tank now.  = D

Thank you!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDaniel of Filer,ID  USA     

You guys are GREAT!!!
I put my order in on Monday and I just recieved them today Wensday.  Your shipping times are great and you will always have my fert business. Thanks again.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMark of Seattle, WA  USA     

Ordered items on the 8th, they were on my doorstep on the 11th. And one of those days in between was a Sunday. Very fast and products are as advertised. Two thumbs up, will order from these guys again.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveShaun of California, USA     

All I can say it 'WOW'
I got the shipment in today and I have to compliment you on the  packaging, the speedy delivery time, AND the overall  professionalism. I previously dealt with Rex dry fertilizers and it  was always just a nightmare and very unprofessional. I am not trying  to speak ill of him and his company but it's just a simple fact.  Shipments were always over 2 months late and sometimes, there were  always xcuses via emails, and sometimes no responses at all. The  final straw was when I paid and then after 3 month of waiting my  fertilizers just didn't come at all. I had to file disputes with  banks and paypal to get my money back.

But in stark contrast, dealing with you and having all my questions  answered, along with, again, the professionalism made this a very  pleasant experience. So I wanted to personally send you an email of thanks and gratitude and to let you know you have a client for life  if it keeps up like this. :)

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJon of Newport, RI     

I just received my ferts and liquid dosing bottle!  Super fast shipping and quality products!  Will do business with again in the future and will recommend to others.

Thank you.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveNate of Halbur, IA/ U.S.     

Fast delivery!!  Everything I wanted!! Def be a long time customer!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveSUMIT NANDI of KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL/ INDIA     


Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDaniel of Oklahoma City OK     

first time buyer
Ordered on a Sunday and on Wednesday it was at my door!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveLiswara of Jakarta, Indonesia     

Awesome Recommended Best Seller
I was petrified to just realize that my order was traveling 14,500km away in just 5 days from you plus a bonus product. I can't thank you enough, Julia...

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDanny of Singapore     

i had received the items after some time..finally i can put it to use..

Thk u ...

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDanny of Singapore     

Still waiting for the fertilizers
I am still waiting for my fertilizers to arrive... Order on 26th July till now haven't receive anything. Tried email to them but seem like their email are full or having problem receiving mails
Hmmmm what should I do


Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensivePatrick of Vancouver, Canada     

Very Happy.
First purchase from the site, and got my order in 8 business days.  Thanks and will purchase again and highly recommended.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChas streff of perkaies Pa 18944     

Good service!
  Got my Ferts real fast like 2-3 biz days. Highly recommend! Great service! C..S.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAlaric of South Bay, CA     

No fuss ferts
A good range of ferts available.  My third order from Greg, all ferts arrive nicely packaged and in good time.  Definitely recommend Aquarium Fertilizer.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveStuart of Nova Scotia, Canada     

Potassium Nitrate
Great service and got into Canada! Can't wait to get my next order. BEST SITE I HAVE EVER FOUND!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAaron Dahl of Windsor, CO     

Lightning fast shipping!
Seriously, got my ferts 2 days after I ordered them.  Well packaged, too!  A++

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveKim of Torrington, CT     

Very satisfied
Ive been looking around my town and online to where I can purchase these fertilizers. LPS and Gardens does not carry dry ferts. This is the only site online that sells them in small amounts and with very reasonable shipping plus the fact that it only took a week to ship from CA to CT proves that this is the best place to get our aquarium ferts. Ill go straight to this site whenever I would need to restock my ferts.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveBlake of Tulsa, OK     

Couldn't be happier
Quick shipping.  Product as promised in labeled, resealable bags.  Highly recommended!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or Offensiveluis perry of portsmouth ri usa     

holy mackrel
its here already !!!!!!went out to the mailbox and there was my envelope.I placed my order  on saturday morning,and received it mon morning!now thats fast cali to ri over the weekend.thank you so much.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMatt Jackson of Napa, CA     

I am so excited about finding your website! The service  you provide is so refreshing,  your product is great  and priced well. And how cool is it to meet a neighbor! Thanks again Julia ;)

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveLouise of The Netherlands     

Great service!
Just to let you know I received the order today, very fast in within one week to The Netherlands!

Thanks for the nice contact and fast service!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDaniel D of Filer , Idaho/ USA     

You guys are GREAT!!  I had ordered from another company at first and never recieved it so I was a little shy about trying again but you have taken care of that fear.  In 3 days I had my order, amazing.  You have earned my trust and my buisness.  If you are a little nervous about buying from here don't be you are in good hands.  Thanks again, oh and expect another order soon!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDamon Kielma of Noblesville, Indiana     

Holy crap you guys are awesome. I placed my order on the 29th and already recieved it!!!! I had just ran out of KNO3 yesterday and wasn't expecting it to arrive until after the weekend. You're (plant) life savers! I will do all my fert orders through you now.
Thanks so much!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDean of Prince George BC Canada     

Great Service
Just want to express my thanks in getting out the fertilizer I had ordered from you.  Your communication was much appreciated and the timely manner in which you shipped out the product to me in Canada was very professional.  Have already ordered twice from you, and look forward to doing business with you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveZon Hisham Zainal Abidin of Malaysia     

From day one when I wrote an email to you, inquiring about alternative payment methods and whether you are able to ship to Malaysia, you were very helpful indeed. You were very prompt whenever I inquired about
anything in ALL of our email exchanges.

I wanted the world to know that I ordered 3 x 1 lb of CSMs. I received the shipment couple days later. But I was dissapointed that each of the 3 packs only weigh 3/4 lb.

So I quickly wrote an email to you. And Julia, you checked the receipt for the postage and realized that the whole package weighed 2 lbs 4.5 oz. And you really made me feel better when you quickly promised to send me a 1 lb at no charge.

Yesterday, I was delighted to see that the CSM that you delivered had finally arrived. I opened the envelope and to my surprise, you had sent me not 1 but rather 2 lb of CSM ! How could I ever thank you.

Julia, we are 14,000 km apart, but I can feel the warmth in your heart. You are the kind of person that make this world a better place to be. You've shown that you are very professional indeed in conducting your business. I would like to wish you all the best in your future undertakings and thank you for all your kind assistance
that you have rendered.

To anyone who wishes to buy any product from, rest assured that you will be in good hands. Their service isoutstanding.Thank you again.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJeff Sevening of La Mirada, California     

I admire and fully appreciate all that you have done and have added to the hobby. Your information and research has been simple and easily accessible.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveTristan Stewart of Columbus, Ohio
Hello, I can't remember if I ever said thanks or not, I meant to thank you after I received the ferts. Man that box was packed tight! And I did receive it quickly. I know currently your up against some stiff competition amongst the aquarium forums with Rex Grigg, but he will never get a penny from me (he has been very rude and arrogant on the forums) I'll recommend you anytime.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensivePreston Fulton of Baltimore, Maryland     

Recent order
This is very helpful! I really appreciate the speedy service.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChonh Lee of Fresno, California     

Awesome service!
I have nothing to say but wonderful things about Excellent Customer service I and will definitely buy from again and again . I would also like to personally thank Julia for helping me with my order. Thank you Julia.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveChris Buchanan of Seattle, Washington     

Thanks a lot!!!
Received the order today.  That was quick.  You have my business for good now, thanks a lot!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveTirtha Chattopadhyay of India     

Thank you
Thanks a lot Julia for the fast service and your kind reply. I am trying to make your product popular in our sub continent. Let me see how the response I received from hobbyists. Will keep getting ferts from you. Thanks again.  Regards, Tirtha

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMatt  of New Britain CT USA     

Thank you
Thank you, great service, great product, great shipping.
Will do business again!!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveBryan of Florida     

The fertilizers came very fast and were perfectly packed and labeled nicely. I would definitely use them again when I need more.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJohn of Edwardsville,Pa.     

1st time buyer of dry ferts and I can only say that I was completely surprised by how fast  the shipping was and the great care in packaging for shipping. This really beats all the prices of buying seachem products constantly. Thanks

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveColleen of Florida     

My plants & I thank you!
Just recieved my dry ferts today from Greg & his crew-I was very pleased w/how quickly they arrived & how everything was so nicely packed & labeled!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveLissette of US     

Thank you.
Thank you Greg for the fast delivery. I knew to expect my package on time. You are downright RELIABLE.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveKurt of Lancaster, PA     

Thank you Greg
Just wanted to drop a note to Greg to say thanks for everything. I have been using the Seachem line of ferts and have been happy but my wallet was not so, after reading all the great posts in the Science of Fertilizing forum, I decided to give it a try. I will be starting after I get my digital scale which I ordered the same day as I ordered the Fertilizers from Greg and today I received 5 lbs of chemicals from greg packed extremely well. This is the type of service that deserves a mention and a big thank you.

Thank you Greg for everything you do for the hobby and if you are ever over in PA, please let me know and stop in Lancaster to say hello to our club. I will be the one singing your praises!!!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveBurks     

I'd like to thank Greg and whoever helps him with the business. I received a well packed package of 5lbs worth of ferts and a 500mL bottle of Excel today. Can't wait to start using it. Need to get me a scale!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveEric     

Thanks again.
Just wanted to say thanks for the service you provide. I know that many people are grateful, including me. Ordered on Wednesday, and everything arrived on Friday!!! Thanks again.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMike     

Just wanted to let people know...
Just wanted to let people know that I second what everyone else says about ordering from Greg. Just received my order today and everything was perfect. You can't go wrong ordering your ferts from Greg.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMatt     

Just wanted to say thank you, for the fast response and shipping in only 3 days! If I talk with anyone about ferts I'll tell them about your website.
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