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Welcome to Our Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Inventory AquariumFertilizer.com carries water soluble agricultural grade fertilizers and water conditioners. We carry the nutrients required by all plants: Macro Micro Nutrient Mix, similar to PMDD; Micro Nutrients in dry and time release Substrate Root Zone Tablets; calcium compounds for water conditioning including Barr’s GH Booster; and 3 chelated iron compounds. We also carry Graduated Dispenser bottles for ease of mixing and dosing that can be purchased in combination with fertilizers at a discount. When you buy 5 of any single fertilizer you will automatically receive a sixth of that item free of charge. Shipping is by USPS flat rate priority mail. Up to 6 lbs can be shipped by flat rate envelope and up to 20 lbs goes in a medium flat rate box. Information about shipping costs and delivery time is available in our FAQ page. Information about international shipping is also available in the FAQ page. There is a strict limit of 4 lbs that can be shipped internationally in a flat rate envelope.

All of our aquatic plant foods have minimal impurities, and are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer with experience in handling chemicals. Most are available in 1 lb. quantities.  Please do not ask to be sold or sent fertilizers in smaller quantities.
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Macro Mix

Equal part mixture by weight of KNO3, KNO4, MgSO4 and MKP

More Information      $ 6.00    Order:

Macro Mix and Graduated Dispenser Bottle

Macro Mix and Graduated Dispenser Bottle

Macro Mix plus a 16 ounce (500 ml) graduated dispenser bottle for ease of mixing and dosing

More Information      $ 12.00    Order:

Nutritrace CSM + Boron

Nutritrace CSM + Boron

Nutritrace CSM+B 1 lb, a micro nutrient mix,
See mixing and dosing instructions in the FAQ's. Chemical analysis found in more information and FAQ's. Graduated dispenser bottle is an excellent tool for mixing and dosing this product.

More Information      $ 18.00    Order:

Nutritrace CSM and Graduated dispenser bottle

Nutritrace CSM and Graduated dispenser bottle

Nutritrace CSM with boron 1 lb plus 16 oz (500 ml) graduated dispenser bottle

More Information      $ 24.00    Order:

4 Items Shown

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