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All of our aquatic plant foods have minimal impurities, and are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer with experience in handling chemicals. Most are available in 1 lb. quantities.  Please do not ask to be sold or sent nutrients in smaller or custom measured quantities.

Nutritrace CSM + Boron

Nutritrace CSM+B 1 lb, a micro nutrient mix,
See mixing and dosing instructions in the FAQ's. Chemical analysis found in more information and FAQ's. Graduated dispenser bottle is an excellent tool for mixing and dosing this product.

Nutritrace CSM + B: Mix with a ratio of 1/4 cup of CSM + B to 2 cups water (or 60g to 500 ml). Dose 1-4 drops per gallon per day. One gallon is equal to 3.758 liters. Start with the lowest dose of 1 drop per gallon per day and stay with that dose for 2-3 weeks before deciding to increase the dose. Increase the dose based on the needs of your plants. There are 76 drops in a teaspoon. The 16 ounce (500 ml) graduated dispenser bottles we sell make mixing and dosing easier. These are sold individually and with one lb. of Nutritrace CSM as a bonus buy.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total magnesium - water soluble chelated magnesium          1.5%

Copper   -chelated                                                                    0.1%

Iron - chelated                                                                          7.0%

Manganese - chelated                                                              2.0%

Molybdenum                                                                           0.06%

Zinc - chelated                                                                         0.40%

Boron                                                                                        3.8%

EDTA - minimum content                                                      65.4%


$ 18.00


Reviews for Nutritrace CSM + Boron             Write A Review   

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJanuary 31, 2016     by     Sergey Menshih of Russian Federation, Voronezh     
This is the best on the market a fertilizer. I buy and use with their counterparts of many cities in the country for more than 5 years.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveDecember 22, 2014     by     Ivanchenko Vadim of 426075, Izhevsk, Russia, street Molodezhnay, the house 100, apartment 28     
Plantex CSM Boron is a very good fertilizer, red plants, red and green-very green!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMarch 21, 2012     by     Kay Kuhlman of United States     
One of the best trace fertilizers on the market and at this price extremely affordable. I use this product to add micro nutrients and my plants couldn't be happier. CSM+B is extremely easy to dose right out of the box. Adjusting the dose to accommodate your needs is a snap and the chelator, (EDTA) is excellent at preventing precipitates from forming in moderate to soft water so valuable nutrients like iron stay in solution longer - for planted tanks an absolute necessity.

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