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All of our aquatic plant foods have minimal impurities, and are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer with experience in handling chemicals. Most are available in 1 lb. quantities.  Please do not ask to be sold or sent nutrients in smaller or custom measured quantities.

Macro Micro Nutrient Mix

Macro Micro Nutrient Mix 1 lb contains 1 equal part each of Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Nutritrace CSM+B.
See mixing and dosing instructions in the FAQ's. Graduated dispenser is excellent tool for mixing and dosing this product.

Macro Micro Nutrient Mix instructions: Mix with a ratio of 1/4 cup of Macro Micro Nutrient Mix to 2 cups water (or 60g to 500 ml). Dose 1-4 drops per gallon per day. One gallon is equal to 3.785 liters. Start with the lowest dose of 1 drop per gallon per day and stay with that dose for 2-3 weeks before deciding to increase the dose. Increase the dose based on the needs of your plants. There are 75 drops in a teaspoon. The 16 ounce (500 ml) graduated dispenser bottles we sell make mixing and dosing easier. These are sold individually and with one lb. of Macro Micro Nutrient Mix as a bonus buy.

$ 16.00


Reviews for Macro Micro Nutrient Mix             Write A Review   

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJune 8, 2015     by     nathan of phoenix az     
works just as well if not better than brand name products

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveAugust 20, 2014     by     Array of San Jose, CA     
Just bought this product, and I already seen root growth on one my believed "dead" plant! First time I ever seen one of my plant actually growing instead of dying under low-light tank. But I was wondering whether if this fertilizer contains Phosphorus/Phosphate and Calcium, or do I have to buy extra fertilizer?

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveNovember 5, 2013     by     Paul of RI     
This mix makes dosing pretty quick and easy, to the person who commented about it reacting with KH2PO4 its not an issue since there is none of it in the mix you have to buy that separate. The seller should mention that in the description to clarify this for people who are worried about it. I'm not sure if it's written wrong but a 1 to 1 mix with micro nutrients seems high.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveJanuary 21, 2013     by     Mitchell Buchanan of Reynoldsburg     
I got this fertilizer right after Christmas and I have been very happy with it. Every week I am giving plants away on facebook because they are taking over my aquarium. My Anubias plants are taking over the tank and my microsword is growing as a carpet

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveMarch 21, 2012     by     Kay of United States     
You may think you are getting more for your money with this mix, but you are not. Much easier to buy the items separately. At about the same price per pound, it's much easier when figuring doses using the separate fertilizers  - for the average joe like myself. Otherwise, the quality is excellent. It's made with the same excellent products (CSM+B, etc.) offered here - not magic.

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveFebruary 27, 2012     by     Mina B of Israel     
it's work very good, good growing. cause it have a lot of iron in it, have to be careful, not puting too much of it. using it for almoust 1 year!

Flag This Review as Inappropriate or OffensiveFebruary 9, 2012     by     M. Appleton of Longview, TX     
Macro Micro Mix works great so far.  I noticed a dramatic increase in growth after just one week.  Now I'm on a schedule of dosing 10ml's of this mix once a day 6 days in a row and doing a 50% water change on the 7th day.

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