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Jeff Kropp, 60g, March 2005

Aquarium fertilizer dosing guide

The dosing instructions for many of the fertilizers on our website can be located either in the FAQ's or the "more information" section for each individual fertilizer in the web store.

Information about how to use and how much to use of the fertilizers you purchase at AquariumFertilizer.com is also available at The Barr Report, www.barrreport.com. There are also many aquatic plant forums and blogs where you can find information and advice.

Or you can download Greg Watson's Guide to Dosing Strategies which can be found online at  www.aquaticplantnews.com for only $4.95. This is an excellent resource guide on how to keep planted aquariums. The proceeds from the sale of this guide go toward supporting the hobby through various clubs and forums.

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