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Please double check to make sure we have the correct address on your order during the checkout process. Orders are processed within a day of being received. If you have special address, shipping, or handling requests, please contact by email before placing your order. 



International addresses cannot be more than 41 characters long per line. Please limit the length of the address. The staff of aquariumfertilizer.com thanks you.



Potassium nitrate is an explosive and flammable material as well as being a fertilizer. It is the POW in gun powder and the WOW in fireworks. We will not ship more than 4 lbs of potassium nitrate to anywhere except the United States of America.

I am willing to send potassium nitrate, the only potentially explosive or flammable product we carry, to anyone who orders it; even internationally, as long as the international customers understand that they are responsible for explaining the purchase of potassium nitrate to their customs authorities. There is an alternative to potassium nitrate for those who are concerned with questions from customs. The alternative product is calcium nitrate.


Orders are filled and shipped most Mondays - Saturdays when the post office is open for business. Orders are filled almost as soon as they are received, so please: make sure your address is the correct one.  If you are in a hurry for an order, be sure to order early.  Our normal lead time for shipping orders is 1 to 4 days from the time we process it and 3 to 6 days during the Holiday Season (Oct-Dec).

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