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Marc Lao, 55g, April 2006

All About Planted Aquarium Fertilizer

Fertilizers delivered to your door around the world that won't make you poor!

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Welcome to AquariumFertilizer.com

Aquatic plants require a well balanced diet of light, carbon, micro and macronutrients, and clean water. For a prize winning show tank with the healthiest, greenest plants at fair prices, please, browse through our store. If you are setting up a tank for the first time read How to Set Up A Planted Tank.

Why Shop AquariumFertilizer.com?

Fertilizers for aquatic plants are not hard to obtain.  You can go to almost any pet store or online to the big pet supply outlets. What these suppliers have in common is the fertilizers come already mixed with water.  When you buy from others you are mostly paying for the water and the cost of shipping the water.   At aquariumfertilizer.com we think that if you have an aquarium you probably have plenty of water.

Dry fertilizers in small quantities are harder to find. AquariumFertilizer.com was founded as an inexpensive way to buy dry fertilizer for aquatic plants in manageable quantities. We sell you the fertilizer you need and you add the water.  By doing so you will save many times what you would pay for bottled fertilizer. An added benefit is that you can design your own custom fertilizer blends.  Or you can buy our pre-mixed Macro Micro Nutrient Mix and still save a bundle!



Potassium nitrate is an explosive and flammable material as well as being a fertilizer. It is the POW in gun powder and the WOW in fireworks. We will not ship more than 4 lbs of potassium nitrate to anywhere except the United States of America or Canada.

We are willing to send potassium nitrate to anyone who orders it; even internationally, as long as the international customers understand that they are responsible for explaining the reason for the purchase of potassium nitrate to their customs authorities. There is an alternative to potassium nitrate for those who are concerned with questions from customs. The alternative product is calcium nitrate. Canadian customers do not need to be concerned as aquariumfertilizer.com has the appropriate papers filed with the Canadian Department of Natural Resources.

Not Just For Aquariums

These fertilizers are suitable and practical for hydroponic and aeroponic gardening as well as planted aquariums and outdoor ponds. Check out our multiple product purchase discount.

About AquariumFertilizer.com

I have been in charge of aquariumfertilizer.com since March 2007. I am delighted to be able to make fetilizers for planted aquariums available at reasonable prices for anyone who enjoys aquatic plants in tanks or ponds.  My knowledge of fertilizers and their use comes through growing plants in aquariums and in soil with compost. Using dry fertilizers in an aquatic environment is an expansion of this area of study. My background includes several biology and chemistry classes. Information from more knowledgeable sources is always appreciated.

Julia Adkins

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